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Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to provide you a list of questions and answers we commonly get from our customers. We want to make sure we answer all of your questions for you to be comfortable leaving your dog within our care.



Our evaluation is we watch your dog and see how they play and how their temperament is in the play group. Not all dogs will pass the evaluation, it doesn’t mean your dog is bad it just means our daycare and your dog weren’t the right fit for each other. Evaluations are done by appointment only and you must call for the appointment. Evaluations are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7:00am - 8:30am.

4 months is the youngest we can accept dogs into our daycare program.

At this time you do not but it may be required in the future.

This is handled on a case by case bases as every situation is different, all dogs involved will receive a “time out”

Calls are made to you or your emergency contact right away. If your dog only received a small scratch we will tell you when you pick up. Calls are only made if it’s deemed to need vet care unless you want to be called about scratches.

Yes, all dogs must have an updated waiver on file to enter our program.

No, all dogs must be checked into daycare by 10:00am, we will not admit any dogs into the playroom after 10 AM.

Yes, we do please speak to an employee to learn more.

Unfortunately, we can not accept unvaccinated dogs without a signed letter from your vets office on letter head stating why your dog isn’t a safe candidate for vaccines. All vaccines must be received from a vets office, we can and will not accept shots done at home.

Rabies, parvovirus/distemper, Bordetella. All shots need to be done within the last 11 months. It takes 14 days for the vaccines to be fully effective. While we understand not all dogs can receive all vaccines these cases are handled on a case by case basis and will require a letter from a vets office stating the dog is in good heath and free of any disease.

14 weeks

Food portioned indivdually into zip lock bags labeled with dog's name and feeding instructions on the bag, any toys or treats that you want your dog to have in their kennel please do not bring rawhides, only bring their dishes if they have a slow feed bowl or a raised feeder. Your welcome to bring a cover or bed but please note we can not wash large dog beds. We are not responsible for items brought from home.

We can board all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Standard kennels 6x5. Large kennels are for multiple family dogs or extra large breeds 8x5.

Yes, medication is administered at no charge. Please provide pill pockets, peanut butter or any item you use to administer your pet’s medication at home.

Your dog does not need to be spayed or neutered to board with us. Unfixed dogs over 6 months of age will not be able to play in group play.

At this time we do not offer webcams we are happy to text or email you photos or videos of your pet. Your always welcome to call and check in on your pet.

Dogs not participating in our daycare program are given a minimum of 4 potty breaks a day.

No, we are not equipped for grooming or baths.

We can offer Iams Mini Chucks if you don’t bring food. House food is an extra charge $2.00 a day per dog.

Yes, your welcome to tour the facility please call for a time.

Not all dogs qualify for group play. Group play is an extra charge and all dogs must pass the daycare evaluation.

At this time they are not. Our building is armed and monitor remotely.

That’s no problem we can do that, just make sure we know ahead of time and we will flag your dogs as eating separately.

Every attempt will be made to notify you or your emergency contact if your dog becomes ill while staying with us.

Ohio law is 30 days.

We ask for 48 hour notice, deposit will be refunded, less than 24 hours deposit will be forfeited, no call no shows will be billed for all dates booked. You will not be permit to board with us again till the bill is paid in full, we are a very small kennel and fill quickly.

A deposit of $30.00 will be charged at time of booking and will be credited to final bill at check out.

Rates are charged per night with pick up by 11:00am on exit date. An additional charge for late check outs of $12.00 will apply for pick ups after 11:30am.

Yes, we do with your military ID 10% discount.

Tipping is up to you, we do not expect it, tips are spilt between all employees.

We use Kobosh which is a hospital grade cleaner.

You are welcome to call and we will come get your dog or your welcome to come in the building.

We can accept payments over the phone but we ask that you make an attempt to pay in person as we will receive a higher credit card fee for cards not present.

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