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Love dogs?

Would you like to work with dogs?

At A Dogs Life LLC, we're always on the lookout for good humans who may be a fit for our team. While our needs vary, the core principles of our ideal candidates do not. If you think you might be a good fit, read through our description and follow the submission instructions at the end. Proper completion of the submission steps as outlined at the end of this listing is imperative. Applicants who do not submit as directed will not be considered and will not be contacted.

Our Expectations

Love dogs? We're always on the lookout for good humans for all shifts in Cincinnati.

Do you find that dogs love you? Do you love them right back? How about working with them? We're always staffing our dog daycare and boarding facility in Cincinnati. We train so experience isn’t necessary, but you must love dogs, be dependable, and not be afraid of some work. If you think you have these attributes, then this could be where you come in...

The positions are for associates at our location in Cincinnati. Put simply, we need people who will show up and demonstrate that we can count on them. If hired, you'll need to be on time - we're a small team and count on each other. Our philosophy is that we'll take care of our employees and we expect them to do a good job in return.

To us, a great candidate loves dogs, at least likes people, and is comfortable and confident interacting with both. Keeping our facility clean and our dogs healthy is not only a top priority but also a fundamental requirement, so we need your help with that. No previous dog experience is required, but it's helpful.

Applicants MUST be over 21 and MUST live nearby or within an easy distance to be considered.

To that end, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the basics of the job:

Have good customer service skills

Have a positive attitude and lots of patience

Be willing to get dirty

Be willing to learn all proper sanitizing and disinfecting techniques used in our daycare setting

Be able to be on your feet for multiple hours

Be able to lift up to 50 pounds

Be physically fit enough to stay active in a very high energy environment

Be able to follow directions and work as a team, yet also to work independently when needed

Pay close attention to detail and be highly organized

Have a flexible schedule - we need coverage for multiple shifts every day

Must be available to work SOME holidays (if we all work some, we all get some off, too)

You must be at least 21 years old

Must not be on cell phone during hours scheduled

Submit to a drug test

We are generally looking for part-time employees to work 15 to 25+ hours per week. If you have the availability and the desire to work, you can get the hours. You'll be needed to work a weekend shift from time to time. The position pays $11.00 to start or more if you have experience.

PLEASE don't drop by or call - our attention must be focused on the dogs.

Apply as follows:

Submit your resume (PDF, please) via email with a cover letter.

Tell us why you're a good fit.

Tell us when you're available to start.

Tell us what your ongoing avalability is.

Please include any other jobs or obligations you may have at the moment, and again - your availability, i.e. days/shifts you are available - we're happy to work with your schedule - this is a great job for a student or a parent.

While we seriously consider every candidate who submits their credentials, those who don't meet the minimum requirements or submit as instructed, will not be contacted. For those that do submit correctly, if we agree that you could be a good fit, you’ll be invited in for an interview.

If hired, you must be able to provide the appropriate documentation for I-9 verification.

Email resume to